Do you need to regularly commute to work or run errands around town? An electric bike could turn your travels into a breeze.

Colorado is launching a brand new and super exciting e-bike rebate program in August. It is scheduled to run until December 2023. Keep reading to learn more about this opportunity to make your dream of easy commutes a reality.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

First and foremost, they’re environmentally friendly and can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Research tells us they can travel over 70 times farther than a traditional car per pound of carbon emissions. What’s more, unlike electric cars, they get 30-100 times more miles per pound of battery, which means they last longer. 

Unlike motorcycles and cars, electric bikes are quiet, contributing to quieter and more peaceful urban environments.

Environmental sustainability isn’t the e-bike’s only advantage. They also offer assistance to cyclists, making it so much easier to traverse harder terrain, ride with kids, ride at an older age, and arrive to work in top-notch shape (no sweaty armpits!). 

The Types of Electric Bikes

On the more technical side of things, e-bikes are categorized into three classes.

Class 1

A motorized bicycle with electric support, where the motor only assists while the rider is pedaling and stops when the bike reaches 20 mph.

Class 2

A motorized bicycle with electric support, where the motor provides assistance regardless of pedaling but stops assisting at 20 mph.

Class 3

An electrically assisted bicycle with a motor that aids pedaling and stops providing assistance when the bike reaches a speed of 28 mph.

Rebate Incentives in Numbers

Low-Income Customers

The foundation of this incentive package is the base incentive, starting at a solid $1,100. But the incentives don’t stop there. If you’re considering an adaptive e-bike, an additional $250 comes into play. 

Alternatively, if you’re eyeing an e-cargo bike to handle your transportation and hauling needs, an extra $300 slides into the equation. And that’s not all; there’s an equipment incentive of $100 to sweeten the deal even further. 

Moderate-Income Customers

The foundation of the moderate-income incentive package is a base incentive of $500. This is already a substantial sum, which significantly eases the financial commitment of owning an e-bike. To make things even better, an adaptive e-bike incentive of $250 is up for grabs. 

Alternatively, if you’re someone who envisions the convenience of an e-cargo bike in your life, the $300 e-cargo bike incentive might catch your attention

If you are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity, visit this website. The next round of invitations opens in mid-September, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can start searching for your dream e-bike. 

At Colorado Electric Bikes, we have a broad selection of e-bikes for everyone in Western Colorado. Schedule your test ride today, and let’s take care of the environment together.

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